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Barn Cleaner / Material Mover


Graetz Mfg., the original agriculture chain manufacturer for 63 years and four generations is still pulling strong.  Although you may not know Graetz Mfg. by name, our chain is used worldwide.  Graetz chain is well known by its design, strength and durability since 1948.  Graetz manufactures and has available 20,000 feet of chain on average in our facility at all times.



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Corner Wheel Axle
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Axle  with graese zert
Price: $16.84
Graetz GCA-549 Model 400 Heavy Duty Reducer
1 of 5
This unit has been Designed and Manufactured at Graetz since 1948 and some of the original units ...
Price: $1,896.60
Graetz GCA-952 Model 400 Extra Heavy Duty Reducer
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For those heavy loads and long pulls, choose the Graetz Extra-Heavy (XH) Gutter Cleaner.
Price: $3,501.97
Model 400 Barn Cleaner System
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Historically the majority of the barn cleaners units Designed & built by Graetz Mfg that were s...
Price: $3,700.00
Model GCA-548 Model 400 Standard Duty Reducer
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These unit were designed and manufactured at Graetz since 1948 and most of the original units sol...
Price: $1,615.48