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Silo Unloaders


INTRODUCTION of the 98 C Graetz Silo-unloader

98C Silo Unloader is a surface-drive silo-unloader. Feed is removed by a gathering chain system and fed into the impeller. The gathering chain and track is propelled around the silo by two large 30" drive wheels.

The Model 98C Silo Unloader is available in four group sizes: 12-16; 16-20; 20-24; 24-30 feet in diameter.

Motor requirements are as follows: Use only motors with 1700 to 1800 rpm; 7-1/2 hp. motor for silos from 12' thru 20' diameters; 10 hp motor for silos from 12' thru 30' diameters.


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98 C Silo Unloader 14-30 Ft
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98C series Silo-Unloader Designed and Manufactured at Pound, WI.   The toughest Americ...
Price: $7,637.28