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Model 400 Barn Cleaner System
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Manufacturer Graetz Mfg.
SKU M 400 Sys

Model 400 Barn Cleaner System

Historically the majority of the barn cleaners units Designed & built by Graetz Mfg that were sold to Patz®Co for world-wide distribution are still in operation even after 50 years. Proving a long history of quality manufacturing offering 365 days a year dependability. Edward Graetz Designed and Manufactured the first Barn cleaner for his cousin Paul Patz in 1948 and has been producing these durable units ever since. Paul Patz Co purchased & marketed Graetz produced units until 2002. All Graetz Slides are made of 10-gauge high carbon steel.

Price Includes Std Drive Unit, Flite Catcher, Flite Cleaner & 20 foot 16" -18" Slide

This steel is designed to be painted and take on the chore expected of a material mover. Our slides are 1 gauge thicker than our competition.

Graetz will customize your slide to fit your needs. The center torsion beam is vented to reduce trapped condensation and is welded in place
or can be purchased loose.
  • Our split slide design, offers, ease and flexible installation.
  • Available with 90 degree or 60 degree side-walls
  • All Graetz Slides are bolted together with (12) ½” carriage bolts.
  • Our slide standards are in 2 foot increments, up to 10 ft. This is for easy shipping and handling.
  • Unlike or competitors that are welded without support every ten feet

Endless uses these unit can be used for:
  • Manure Mover /Gutter Cleaner
  • Sawmill sawdust conveying
  • Machine shop chip removal
  • Food processing waste removal
  • Feed conveying
  • Grain conveying
  • Foundry Sand
  • Recycling material movers
  • Canning Factories
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Price: $3,700.00
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