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Graetz GCA-952 Model 400 Extra Heavy Duty Reducer
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Manufacturer Graetz Mfg.

Graetz GCA-952 Model 400 Extra Heavy Duty Reducer

For those heavy loads and long pulls, choose the Graetz Extra-Heavy (XH) Gutter Cleaner.

XH reducers with right-hand or left-hand drive mount on high-strength, steel slides or concrete beam kits. Slides are custom-built in lengths from 4 feet to 40 feet in one-foot increments, for slides over 40 feet sections can be added. Slides match gutter widths of 12 to 20 inches in 1/4-inch increments. No# 60 & No# Double 80 roller chain and sprockets

XH front-section slides include reinforced center beams made of heavy gauge steel to handle XH units and 7-1/2 hp. motors. Graetz XH-400 Gutter Cleaner 7-1/2 hp. electric motor choices are single-phase capacitor motor or three-phase motor.

These unit were Designed and Manufactured at Graetz since 1948 and some of the original units sold by Patz© Co are sill hard at work. Everything is welded and machined complete at the Graetz plant and nothing is out-sourced to foreign manufacturing

Edward Graetz designed and manufactured the first Barn cleaner for his cousin Paul Patz in 1948 and has been producing these durable units ever since. Paul Patz© Co purchased & marketed Graetz produced units until 2002.

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