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Custom Gears
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Manufacturer Graetz Mfg.

Custom Gears

Graetz manufacturing is a leader in the production of shafts for Agricultural, Wind Energy, Food,

Power Generating, & Paper Mill industries, to name a few.

Graetz Mfg has a full service facility to accommodate your needs for many styles of gears.

Utilizing state of the art CNC equipment, call on us for your gearing needs. producing gears from 1-1/2” dia up to 96”dia from Brass, Cast, Steel, Nylon, Steel & Stainless steel.

Custom Sizes with tooth configuration from 1-1/4” DP to 40 DP & Made to order lengths.

Finish Bores: Splined, keyed or tapered  bushed type hubs.

Price: $65.00
Call 920-897-4041 to order.