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16 Inch Stainless Steel Blower Assembly
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Manufacturer Graetz Mfg.
SKU GC-582-S/S

16 Inch Stainless Steel Blower Assembly

Graetz 98 Series 16" Stainless Steel un-loader blowers
These are high-capacity blowers produced from 304 high-strength alloy steel.
Adjustable impeller blades with welded studs for ease & close tolerance adjustments.

Choose from (3) choices of blade sets:
  • 1st mixed blade set (2) flat (2) cupped GA-9652
  • 2nd flat blade set GA-9643
  • 3rd Cupped blade set GA-9622

All Graetz blowers come with a set of mixed blades properly fitted. The Graetz blower band is die formed (not rolled which causes a shearing effect on steel) to insure a quality fit for the front shield and the blower back.
Price: $993.03
Call 920-897-4041 to order.